You may be shocked to learn dryer vent obstructions cause thousands of property fires each year. Get peace of mind and a safer home or business with professional dryer vent cleaning from Vent Pros.

Load after load, your dryer works tirelessly, producing hot air so your clothes can dry. But over time, the vent can become blocked, obstructing airflow and trapping moisture. As a result, your dryer may be inefficient and even become a fire hazard. The solution? Professional dryer vent cleaning from Vent Pros. Our specialists are highly trained and use the latest tools and techniques to clean your dryer vent system thoroughly. Let our fast and friendly team make your dryer more effective and your home safer.

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Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

The number one way to prevent a property fire from starting in or around your dryer is with dryer vent cleaning from a trusted team. Vent Pros’ services include an inspection and proprietary cleaning process to give you optimal results.

Here’s what you can expect from our dryer vent cleaning service:

  • When we arrive, we cut the dryer on and then find the exit vent on the home’s exterior.
  • Using a meter, we test the airflow coming through the dryer vent; we complete this test before and after each service.
  • We use a brush and auger tool to clean the dryer vent and then use a vacuum to remove the lint.
  • After cleaning and inspecting the front lint chamber and lint tube under the dryer, we vacuum the lint behind the dryer since dryers are rarely moved.
  • If needed, we add a new transition duct to the back of the dryer.

Throughout this detailed process, we take plenty of photos, so you can see exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. Count on Vent Pros to only perform the necessary tasks to get your dryer vent into optimal working condition—nothing more, nothing less.

Rely on Our Trusted, Highly Experienced Team for Dryer Vent Clean

Worrying about fire hazards due to a dirty dryer vent is one concern you don’t need to have. Vent Pros is here to provide dryer vent cleaning services to give you peace of mind and a dryer that runs efficiently and safely. Schedule your appointment today.


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- Sharee H.

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- Ry A.

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Had ducts and dryer vent cleaned- did a wonderful job and super nice people! Reasonably priced and I feel they went the extra […]

- Sara QS.

Vent Pros did an AMAZING job replacing our outdoor vents and cleaning our dryer vents and it was no easy task! Our dryer […]

- Michelle M.

Honest business that will get your vents and dryers fixed right up and easy to deal with. Thanks Vent Pros!

- Casey A.

Great service. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They do not try to up sell you and get you’re issues resolved properly and quickly.

- TJ A.