Air Duct Cleaning

Are dirty air ducts reducing your HVAC system efficiency and creating an unhealthy indoor air environment? Discover air duct cleaning from an experienced team to clear the debris circulating through your home or business ducts

Debris in your residential or commercial air ducts can cause allergies and asthma, create foul odors, and render your HVAC system inefficient. Clogged vents cost you money and can be dangerous for your home or business environment. At Vent Pros, our specialty-trained technicians use expert tools and techniques to clean your air duct system thoroughly.

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The Problem with Dirty Air Ducts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that pollutants in a home or business lead to poor indoor air quality. This is especially troubling for people with respiratory illnesses like asthma and COPD or allergies. Many of our clients have also experienced reduced heating and cooling system efficiency due to dirty ducts, increasing wear and tear on the system and resulting in higher energy bills.

We understand how stressful it can be to worry about what’s hanging out in the air ducts. Vent Pros’ proven air duct cleaning process can eliminate contamination to boost your indoor air quality and HVAC functionality.

Our Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

Here’s what to expect from our proven air duct cleaning process:

  • We bring professional tools, including a brush and vacuum, to perform the cleanings. Our equipment is specifically designed for air duct cleaning for all types of residential and commercial duct systems.
  • The brush spins through the duct system, breaking up dust and debris, while the vacuum simultaneously sucks up the debris.
  • Our team performs the cleaning process on every supply and return line throughout the property.
  • If we notice a musty smell from aged dust, we spray a duct fresh fragrance into each line to eliminate odors.
  • Finally, we use a fogging machine to sanitize the duct system to prevent bacteria, mold, and odors.
  • During the process, we inspect the ductwork, identifying gaps and cracks that require sealing. Then, we perform the sealing with a tape or sealant product to prevent unwanted air from entering your home and air-conditioned air from seeping out of the cracks.
  • Vent Pros uses a camera-inspected duct cleaning process, so you can see the before and after results. Prepare to be amazed by the difference!

Schedule an Appointment with Vent Pros

Turn to the fast and friendly team at Vent Pros to get experienced, personalized duct cleaning services. We never upsell or perform unnecessary services. You’ll only get the services you need—and nothing else. So schedule your air duct cleaning appointment with Vent Pros today.


Duct Pressure Testing

If your home or business duct system leaks, it can lead to several issues that cost a lot of money. Learn how professional duct pressure testing can help you boost HVAC performance.

Noticing higher energy bills or a less comfortable indoor environment? A duct system leak may be the culprit. Vent Pros provides certified duct pressure testing to determine if your duct system has a leak. Once you know the extent of the problem, we can perform expert sealing techniques to stop leaks and restore your system’s optimal efficiency and performance.

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What Are the Signs of Duct System Leaks?

If you think you may have a duct system leak at your home or business, there are certain signs to look for, including:

  • HVAC struggles to keep your property comfortable
  • Certain rooms never achieve the proper level of comfort
  • Higher energy bills
  • Excessive dust throughout the home or business
  • Continual HVAC repairs

Ignoring the signs of duct leaks can end up costing you—both money and air quality. Duct pressure testing from Vent Pros will identify the leaks, so you can get the repair services you need to restore optimal HVAC system functioning.

Our Duct Pressure Testing Services

Whether you think you may have an air duct leak or you have new construction requiring a duct pressure test, count on Vent Pros to provide fast and friendly service to meet your unique needs.

Here’s what to expect from duct pressure testing from our certified technician at Vent Pros:

  • We use specialized duct pressure testing equipment from Retrotec to perform the service.
  • After sealing off the property vents and return grates with tape or a vent cover, we use a fan to add air to the ducts.
  • After building the air pressure to 25 pascals, we determine if the pressure can hold or if it begins to leak.
  • Our equipment then provides a thorough report showing whether there is a leak and how extensive it is.

Once we identify the leak, Vent pros will seal it and rerun the test until it passes with flying colors.

Turn to Vent Pros for Certified Duct Pressure Testing

If you need air duct testing for your home or business, count on us to provide accurate, honest services—we never upsell or provide unnecessary maintenance. Contact our trusted team to schedule duct pressure testing with Vent Pros today.


Air Duct Inspections

Is it time for a professional air duct inspection? Clogged ducts cost home and business owners money each year. Plus, they can be dangerous. Discover trusted air duct inspections from Vent Pros.

What’s going on inside your home or business air ducts? Air duct inspections provide a way to stay ahead of potential problems and determine if the air ducts require sealing, repair, or cleaning. Identifying issues early can prevent more extensive and costlier problems from developing. Vent Pros provides trusted air duct inspections to help you protect your residential or commercial property and HVAC investment.

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Why Air Duct Inspections Are Crucial

Air ducts tend to be out of sight and out of mind for many home and business owners. The problem is that neglecting air duct inspections and maintenance can end up costing you far more in the long run.

Here’s why professional air induction inspections are an important part of property maintenance:

  • Identify leaks that may be decreasing HVAC efficiency and performance
  • Detect dirty air ducts that could be reducing indoor air quality
  • Find out if aged air ducts are sagging, cracking, or suffering from other damage
  • Assess air duct repair needs to optimize your overall HVAC system

Our Air Duct Inspection Services

At Vent Pros, we understand you have a lot on your plate, and feeling worried about dirty or damaged air ducts only adds to your stress. Let our friendly team of air duct experts provide the thorough inspection services you need for peace of mind. When you choose us, you’ll never have to deal with upsells or unnecessary maintenance. We provide only the services you need and nothing else!

There’s no specific timeframe for when you should schedule an air duct cleaning. While every property is different, an inspection every three to five years is suitable for most. You may need an inspection more often if you have pets, smokers in the home, or you’ve gone through a home renovation. With Vent Pros, you’ll get a camera air duct inspection, so you can see the amazing before-and-after results.

Get a Qualified Air Duct Inspection for Your Home or Business

You’ll know from the first call to our office that we value your business and provide fast, friendly, personalized service every step of the way. Vent Pros makes your air duct inspection process a breeze and provides a report so you can know exactly what is lurking in your air ducts and what services you need to solve any issues.

Contact Vent Pros today to schedule an air duct inspection for your commercial or residential property.