Our History

In February 2019 I left the corporate world to start Vent Pros.  I had been with Cintas Corporation for 15 years, and a laundry plant manager for 9 of those years.  We had huge commercial dryers that had to be maintained for safety reasons and for efficiency.  We would vacuum the dryers daily and clean the lint screen after each load.  If we didn’t, our partners would have long wait times for their products to finally get out of the dryer. 

I was needing my dryer vent cleaned and wasn’t able to find anyone to do this for me.  Facing this frustrating experience and the need for dryer vent to get cleaned, sparked the idea of me starting my own business.  So, I made the decision to leave a great company in order to start my own great company, Vent Pros.  I use what I learned from Cintas, every day in this job and was able to form a trusted and cared for company.  For example, at Cintas the culture of the people that work there is the most important piece of that company.  Kind of like Cintas, the people of Vent Pros are the most important part of this company.  We will never take bringing someone else on with Vent Pros, lightly. We are a family whose mission is to serve our community with honest and top-quality services. I am so grateful for my team and I look forward to many more years to come. – Will Long, Owner/Operator

Mission Statement

We will exceed our customers’ expectations by maximizing the long-term value of Vent Pros and its working partners.

  • We look professional and we are courteous
  • We have high ethical and moral values
  • We are thorough in our work
  • We have a Spartan attitude about our business
  • We do what is right, not what is expedient
  • We are enthusiastic


Will Long
Michelle Long
Operations Manager
Service Partners
Service Partners

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