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Protect Your Home & Loved Ones

Save Money. Clean Vents Save Energy

Save Time. Dirty Vents Increase Drying Time

Protect Your Home and Family

Stats You Can't Ignore

14,628 Home Dryer Fires are Reported Each Year

Dryer/Washer fires led to 13 Deaths and 444 Injuries

Leading to Over 238 Million in Property Damage

Source: National Fire Protection Association

Clothes Taking Forever to Dry?
Save Time – Save Energy

Drying a load of clothing shouldn’t take longer than 30 to 50 minutes, but a dryer with a clogged vent can take an hour to an hour and a half to dry. Your dryer requires unrestricted flow from the lint trap to the point where your vent exits your exterior wall.  If the dryer vent clogs, moist air from the drying process won’t have anywhere to go, so it wastes energy, increases your utility bills, and wears out the heating element and dryer faster.



Having Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Once A Year will Help Keep Your Dryer Operating at PEAK PERFORMANCE,  SAVE YOU TIME and Save UP TO $30/month on Your Energy Bill



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